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2022-09-03 - 9:31 p.m.

Dean died June 10 of this year.

I went back to the diaryland site for the first time tonight to read my last entry - It turns out it was from 2011. So it has been a decade since I last wrote in here. My last entry was so full of excitement and anticipation for the future. For those who are wondering, we fulfilled all our hopes and dreams. We had the kids. We had the house. We had the beautiful life.

Then we got Covid. We were all vaccinated, of course. But Covid went to his brain, and he got Viral Encephalitis, and his brain swelled - and then he went to the hospital and was cured and recovered and we thought, Man, we dodged a bullet! And Dean spent the last month of his life treasuring every moment.

And then he had a siezure while he was sleeping in the morning, about 7:30. And it was sudden death.

And now I am a single mom to our 3 kids, ages 6, 8, and 8. And I am heartbroken, crushed, devastated. . .

Dean helped me live my dreams and become that dreamself. I went back to school, got my law degree, passed the Bar, had 3 kids, was a stay at home Mom, and every day Dean and I loved loved loved each other. Dean was truly the man of my dreams, who helped my dreams come true.

And now the dream is over.

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